Magnetic Door Stops

I recently did some door tuneup work at a nice hotel in Avila Beach, California.  They had a variety of problems:
Locks not working correctly
Closers not ada compliant
Doors too tight or dragging on tile
Weatherstripping ineffective
Problems with hold open devices

I was able to solve all of the problems on each of their interior and exterior doors but this last one was kinda funny so I thought I would mention it.
Since the hotel was completed several years ago they have been using odds and ends to keep the room doors open for maintenance, cleaning, bringing in luggage, etc.

This is a picture of one thing they had been using…It is a door closer bracket that is not used in all situations.  The had put “Door Stop” name tags on them.
customer's idea for hold open device
I replaced them all with Soss magnetic door stops:
Soss Magnetic Door Stop

They come in a variety of finishes and are easy to install.  They hold the door nicely even those with door closers attached.  One word of caution:  They are designed for interior use only. They will rust if installed outside.  I saw it happening on a different job several months ago.

For exterior use I recommend a bumper and hook combination like this:
brass hold openIves makes them.  Solid brass…Will not rust.

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